Coffee shop

Open daily at 8:00 a.m.  Our day starts with prayer.  We look forward to the ministry opportunities of each day.  Our aim is simply to do the will of God.

We serve coffee, tea, soda with a smile to all who wander in.  Our muffins and pastries are created from a heavenly recipe.  We have no set agenda other than to seek the will of God.  We purposely make a time of prayer, praise, and worship. Think of it like a Church service every day.

After school - during the school year we are there teaching and working with children until 5:30.  Depending on our supplies we offer these children a meal.

Friday evening after the Friday meal 7- 8:30 p.m.  We have a variety of programs.

Saturday evenings - we are open from 7- 8:30p.m.

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