Every Friday we feed folks a meal.  The meal starts at 6:00 p.m.  It is open to all, free of charge.  We do not advertise the meals yet our numbers grow by word of mouth.  This meal is our offering that announces to all the love that Jesus has for us.

We currently only serve one day a week (Friday).  The plan is to expand the meal.  However, we don’t have staff not to mention a steady food supply to do such.  Please pray that God will guide the right people to support us reach this endeavor.  

Want to part of the Friday evening meal?  Maybe even part of the expansion team?

Drop us an email or call.

We seek folks who want to do their best for Him.  Can you help us produce a creative high quality meal, or can you serve with a smile, or can you wash dishes with a grin?

If you are serious about helping please click here and read the following as it will provide you with more details, and some supportive rationale.

We find there are different reasons that motivate folks to serve on Fridays. Many know the words of Jesus who said   “what you do the least of these you do to me”.

We follow the example of Jesus not just in word and desire but in a practical way, in a way that is both tangible and practical.  We are passionate about helping others. Providing good Christian fellowship to the lonely is our ambition.  Serving others on Fridays helps us begin connections with folks and to discover the real needs of those who attend.  Our objective is to love as Jesus loved.

As we visibly demonstrate His love for folks, we also provide a delicious meal to those who would normally not get one. Many look forward to this meal, and it makes their day when they see   that you came to serve.  That you cared enough to act on their behalf brings joy to many a dejected heart.  

However – reminisce on this - the couch is a comfortable place, but a place that offers no solace to the servant who wants to please Jesus.  The time to act is now, even as you read this.

In serving others, you find out about yourself.  You face challenges and preconceived notions that cause you to rediscover the love and compassion that Jesus has for EVERY life.

All this said- the rewards are many. Not only is it an opportunity to show practical application of our Christianity and an opportunity to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ but there is no way that you can ever be ‘paid’ back.  For many of these folks are homeless and poor.  For what you do to the least, the poorest, will never go unnoticed by the One who consistently watches over them!  

Click here to make a difference.

[pic of staff prepping]

Or call us anytime at 540-678-8867 for prayer.

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