What is Praise and Worship at Another Chance Church?

It is a lifestyle that reflects Jesus.  For Scripture clearly states “The Lord seeks those who will worship in spirit and in truth.”

Our musical worship is a priority on Sunday mornings. The styles are diverse and we joyfully sing everything from contemporary songs to classical hymns. During this time we give God thanksgiving and honor for who He is and open our hearts to receive the love He seeks to pour out on us as we give ourselves to Him.  We earnestly desire folks that want to worship God in Spirit and Truth. If you would like to participate, learn, or teach – please contact us.

How do we do it?

Some factors to consider:

Not just the instruments – we really don’t need them.  They enhance and direct sound, but are not needed for one to praise or worship God.  Since they were used in Scripture; we use them to enhance the ministry, but not to produce the ministry.

Not just talented musicians – never has it been about the abilities of the person but their willingness to yield to the direction that the Holy Spirit delivers.

Not just something that needs to be done in every service – [but like many things] needs to done even when not in the church.  For we are who we are; all of the time, not just when folks are watching. Effective praise and worship should be something we do throughout the week, all the time.

Why ?

We value our opportunity to welcome Jesus in our songs.  Praise and worship is much more than some songs that make us feel good.  It is a chance to focus on Jesus, and this is an opportunity we never pass up.

[pic of praise team]  with this under the pic  Pastor Dan – Guitar,[Soon to be] Pastor Al – Bass, Mike – Guitar, Connie – Vocals, Pastor John – those Drums

Or call us anytime at 540-678-8867 for prayer.

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