What we do!

“Pulling together to meet the needs of others”


First foremost we pray! We pray with those in need and we keep praying after they have gone.  We believe it all starts and stops in prayer.  As the Lord consistently told His people, it is He who supplies all our needs according to His riches in glory.

Furthermore, what achievement would there be if we simply did this in our own strength? Without His power, will and direction nothing is possible. With Him, all things are possible! No, all that we do we do to serve Jesus.  People and their needs matter to Jesus and therefore they matter to us.  This is why our money is in people and not things.

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We provide clothing completely free of charge for those in need. From the smallest of sizes to the largest of sizes we try to help.  When folks can’t find what they need we take note of it and pray for God to provide it.  And God does provide. If we don’t have it we know Jesus can supply it.  Just ask Mary, a mother of four who needed cloths for her 4 school age children, and our God abundantly supplied.  Tom came in looking for something to wear on his job interview, and walked out in a suit. [Yes, he did get the job].  Bill and Lisa lost most of their belongings due to smoke damage, but your kindness gave them another chance.

If you or someone you know has this need, please click here to contact our office for details.

[pic of clothing area – yes!]

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In addition to feeding folks, we provide food to those who need it.  It is hard to believe that in a country as great as ours that there are those who suffer from hunger.  Yet, this is a sad reality.  We see happening frequently.  “Pulling together to meet the needs of others” is our motto and it can make a difference in the daily life of a hungry soul.    

We offer canned, frozen goods and whatever else we would serve Jesus. 

Is your garden going good?  Are you willing to share? - Fresh produce donations are desired.  You can help us feed folks, Please contact us.

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We are very pleased that the Lord has made it possible for us to provide housing for a number of people who would otherwise be homeless. A warm bed and place of safety makes for a grateful heart! Our 2 room efficiency apartments provide folks with a safe haven from the streets.  [Show a pic of someone smiling standing in the doorway of their appt.]  Click here to see more.

Furniture Ministry

What good is a place to live if you don't have a bed or a table and chairs to put in them? Sure, it will provide shelter but we also want to help restore a place of comfort for folks by making these basic furnishings and various appliances available.

Click here to find out how to donate your clean and gently used furniture items. 

Laundry and Personal Hygiene Supplies

When money gets tight, many folks simply run out of the resources to even take care of the simplest necessities, like keeping themselves and their clothing clean.  Currently we provide laundry detergent, toilet paper, tooth paste, and other necessary items to those who need them but cannot afford them. It may be hard to imagine but some toilet paper, soap, and shampoo can go a long way in a household that struggles to make ends meet. 

Soon, we also hope to have some modest laundering facilities to help even more.


Pulling together we can make a difference                    Click here to see more.

If you or someone you know has this need, please click here to contact our office for details.

When can people come to receive our services? Anytime we are open, we will help people who need assistance.  Should there be a need in off hours? Please contact us

Who is eligible to receive food supplies and assistance? Simple, anyone and everyone.  There are no background checks, no intrusive or embarrassing questions.  We are just people helping people.

Won’t that lead to folks just using the system?  We feel that folks can fall into a variety of situations, and we never like to judge.  Yes, we can be deceived but Jesus is never mislead.  He sees what we cannot and where we cannot..

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