Another Chance Church is a very simple Church. Some classify us as a non-denominational Church. Others refer to us as an outreach to the homeless and lost; and still others call us a Bible teaching church. Actually, we are all of these. 

Our goal is to share the love of God by “pulling together to meet the needs of others”. That is our motto and that is exactly what we do!  Life isn’t always wonderful and real needs appear in a variety of forms.  Some need food, some need housing, others clothing, and still others will need a place where they can find shelter from the pressures, aggravations, and disappointments of life.  We want to help folks at the point of their need, whatever that need may be.

Why do we do this?

We believe everyone counts and that prayer changes things.  We don’t want to play Church, we desire to live it.

But Another Chance Church is not what most would describe as a typical church.  We have invested our money and time into people not things.  Our Church building is not fancy nor is it pretty, but it is purposeful.  Nice Church buildings are treasured and should be appreciated, but we are literally on the front lines fighting against unspeakable evils and in the balance are precious souls.  Our focus is on Jesus, nothing more, nothing less. We are just plain folks who read the Bible and put it into practice. We come to Jesus just as we are and without pretense

This site will keep you informed of the current status of the ministry and share with you some insights from the Word of God.  Please click here to go to our partner’s page.

Or call us anytime at 540-678-8867 for prayer.

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